Here are a few songs from our projects Take a listen to them and go to our guestbook and let us know what you think. Just click on the play button under the song title, it may take a few seconds for it to load. 

Amazing Grace.mp3

The Master Called.mp3

Life Has no Meaning.mp3

It Is Well.mp3

The Master Called (and we are going)

Our latest project, and one that we feel blessed to have. Most of the songs are written by our own Tommy Jones. A good mix of slow and upbeat songs, with a few accapella numbers sprinkled in for good flavor.


Long As I Got King Jesus

This is our project from 2009. Alot of "Get up and go" songs, and slower ones mixed in to let you catch your breath from time to time. Songs from long ago, and some from today.  Good messages through out. 

 Amazing Grace (Accapella)
Get In The Jesus Way
Life Has No Meaning
The Master Called (and we are going)
Walk Around Me Jesus (Accapella)
American Christian
I Have Not Forgotten
Jesus, He
Jesus Is Coming Again
It is Well With My Soul (Accapella)

Everybody Will Be Happy Over There
Give It Away
I Call Him Lord
I Can't Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand
Sky Full Of Angels
Shoutin' Sounds
Eastern Gate
Shout  To The Lord
The Old Man Is Dead
Livin" In Canaan
Long As I Got King Jesus


Our first project, many years ago. Still have a few left. A good mix.

I'm Bound For A City
Jesus, He
Look What I Traded  For  A Mansion
Resting Place
Happy Rhythm
Rose Among The Thorns (Accapella)
I'll Have A New Life
The Hem Of His Garment
The Lighthouse
He'd Still Been God
Go Rest High


God's Promise

Tommy's solo project. All original music. Very touching stories in each song. He said God promised that one day He would use these songs. That time is now. 

For God So Loved The World
Tearing Down Walls
Foxes Have Dens
I'm Going Home In The Morning
That's What Daddys Are For
Life Has No Meaning
Something To Hold On To
The Touch Of The Dear Master's Hand
Jesus Is Coming Again
Get In The Jesus Way

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